Eline Meyer

Eline Meyer was born in 1972, Horsholm, Denmark.
In 1977 she moved to the Netherlands with her mother and two sisters.
At the age of six, Eline started to see floating spheres.
When she was alone in her room they blew towards her from a vintage picture of a girl with two puppies above her bed.
They flew around her and some days she was able to pull a sphere over her head.
All she could see then were colors shifting in shade and brightness.

At the age of thirteen Eline started to see other mathematical shapes aswell.
It could be simple squares or very complex ones.
When she turned sixteen they also appeared outside her room:
On the streets, in the sky, at school: everywhere.
Sometimes she saw people pulling shapes over their head or jumping into them and disapearing completely.

Turning nineteen, she decided to study Painting and Image & Media-technology.



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