An exhibition in which the Dutch artist Greet Weitenberg, together with the German artists Straszewski and El Ego, seek the limits of the art of painting of the great Alpha artists of the past.

The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Rubrecht Contemporary from Wiesbaden (DE) and PontArte from Maastricht.

The ALPHAPAINTING exhibition will be opened on May 18 at 4 p.m. in the presence of the artists and will be on show until June 19 at PontArte in Maastricht.

Opening hours during the exhibition: Thursday through 11 AM – 5 PM and by appointment. Kapoenstraat 29 in Maastricht.

What can painting express?

This is the main question in ALPHAPAINTING.

Painting, its meaning, its limitations, form the basis for the alignment by three artists from Rubrecht Severens Fine Arts in Wiesbaden and Maastricht

The exhibition includes works by Greet Weitenberg (Amsterdam), Christine Straszewski (Mainz) and El Ego (Frankfurt) who took up the challenge in ALPAPAINTING.

An ancient Chinese wisdom states: “The Tao that can be mentioned is not the Tao.” That is why the attempt cannot explain the sensations that painting entails, but you can approach them with different media.

This is what Christine Straszewski, Greet Weitenberg and El Ego do in dialogue with each other and break a lance painting.

Germany in particular had its golden period in the last century through this vital painting. Just take a Baselitz. He has charisma and belongs to a generation of artists who were very influenced by strong male painters. These include artists ranging from Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke, Martin Kippenberger, Werner Büttner and, like the 20th century, influential artists Frank Auerbach and Lucian Freud. Each of these painters has written art history in his own way.