I’m at my wits end | Kate Studley

Installation at the basement
10|5 – 30|6 2024

On May 10th we open the installation “I am at my wits end” by Kate Studley in the basement of the gallery.

Join us at 17hrs to see the installation and 6 works in the gallery.

The installation will be open to the public during opening hours until June 30th 2024.

Artist Statement

​It is through site specific, textile and mixed media sculpture and installation that I hope to explore the capabilities of organic and biodegradable materials to express narratives between myself, humanity and our relationship to nature, time and place. Through ephemeral artworks I follow the patterns of growth and decay, considering art as a process rather than one fixed creation. Having been strongly influenced by an upbringing within family agriculture and rural communities in the UK, natural cycles of organic forms have always been a way to document the passage of time, in order to show change, transformation and to prove existence. The work focusses on the gradual biodegrading of ephemeral materials and the process traces they leave behind within the natural landscape.

Studley’s installation at PontArte in Maastricht is site-specific and partly uses regional clay from Maastricht and other areas in the Euroregion. Studley is an emerging artist who lives and works in Aachen and often collaborates and supports the art scene in Maastricht to develop a cross-border dialogue and connection. This project also hopes to do this by connecting the art communities of both Aachen and Maastricht, by inviting those from Aachen to also experience the exhibition and learn about the gallery.

Due to the experimental nature of the project, financial support has been received from the City of Maastricht.


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