A carousel of artists will take place in the coming months. The first one in the Back Room is Dorine van der Ploeg.

In the past year, van der Ploeg has displayed the “abandoned” swimming pool in het temporary backyard. In a beautiful series of collages we recognize the Pool in different appearances, with water that turns from blue to toxic green.

The works have a “Hockney” like presence, but because of het technique of painting sheets of paper and cardboard which she then uses as a “palette”, van der Ploeg finds a very own way of reflecting reality.

With her training at the Wackers academy, an academy to teach artists to work in a Realist style, we see the mastery of technology gives van der Ploeg a freedom to play with her subjects. The swimming pool goes from recognizable to almost abstract lines and forms.

This time the works from Dorine van der Ploeg are presented in the Back Room of the gallery. An imposing wall full of abandoned pools made from April to December. The exhibition shows the changing of the seasons within the artworks.

The upcoming warmth with sunrays at the beginning of spring until the dark and cold winter days are sensible while staring at the pools. None of them invite you to jump in but they intrigue while standing at the side of the pool.

It is wonderful to be able to admire the entire series, captured on one wall.