Till November 27 2022

Inside -outside

Inside – Outside stands in the coming months for making visible what is normally hidden behind the gallery storage’s door.

Works by our artists that have been stored in our “stock” for some time, and have not been visible recently, can be viewed again.

It is a mix of artists and works that invites you to come and have a look and browse.

On request we have more works by these artists, so feel free to ask and we will get even more from our stock.

There will be 3 Inside – Outside exhibitions. The first edition, until November 9th can now be seen with works by: Josep Maria Codina, Oriol Texidor, Marc Prat, Teresa Pera, Marta & Slava, Greet Weitenberg, Carlos Puyol and Alberto Romero.

The second edition will start on November 11th until November 27th. Works by Ana Garcia, Mario Pasqualotto, Gabriele Fettolini, Sjaak Korsten, Fiona Weedon and Willibrord Nota.

After these group exhibitions, the works that have not been sold do not go back to stock, but make room for new works by our artists. We are busy with plans for 2023!

To make it extra easy and fun, the works between 5 and 10 years “old” are for sale with a discount of 10% and for everything older than 10 years, there is 20% discount.

So come by during our opening hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or call for an appointment.