6 -31 March 2021, PontArte, Maastricht


KA+MA & NANDU J. KRIESCHE From Saturday the 6th of March until the 1st of April the exhibition of works from the artist due KA+MA and Nandu J. Kriesche will take place.

Abstract colorful plastic forms by KA+MA play with the new series by Nandu J. Kriesche’s, Innercircle. In collaboration with our partner gallery Rubrecht Contemporary Wiesbaden

The gallery is a playground, visible from the windows and open by appointment only as we are still facing the challenges of the Covid-19 regulations.

KA+MA are an artist duo from Germany, creating colorful three dimensional objects produced from different groups of high-quality thermoplastics, which can be deformed in certain temperature ranges. In various thermal processing processes, the plastics are pigmented and freely shaped to the object.

Nandu J. Kriesche, studied painting at the University of Applied Sciences Design in Bielefeld and Rome. Kriesche lives and works in Frankfurt.

Nandu J. Kriesche about the new Series InnerCircle:

This series is about the time in which nature apparently defends itself against a certain greed of humanity for infinity. The corona virus stops us and makes us think.

A certain distance around people – draws a circle.

Location of the gallery: Kapoenstraat 29, Maastricht. Opening times:  by appointment only (please check our website for the latest information about opening hours and possibility to visit the gallery within the Covid-restrictions at that moment).