Ronald van den Boogaard

Van den Boogaard’s work is part of the TAPAS 2019 exhibition at PontArte with his series: Fruits of Wrath.

A series of articles by a blogger who infiltrated in military sales fairs sparked this work. She put on the cocktail dress and mingled between the arms sales people. What emerged from these articles is that arms sales is about appeal, beauty and even sexiness.

When looking up the online brochures on hand grenades, I found that these plastic shells, lined with metal pellets will provide an X amount of penetration within a given distance. They come in boxes of 12 and there are discounts for larger quantities, as is the case when buying fruit at the market.
Even at a discount it is not sexy nor appealing. It is death in disguise. The X amount of penetration means the closer you are to the damn thing the better your chances of dying from it. This is my anger in disguise.

Ronald van den Boogaard, 2019

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