Tapas 2019: > 20 artist at PontArte in Maastricht

An exhibition to discover artists and to buy art.

After the successful group exhibition of 2018, Tapas I, we return this year with the exhibition TAPAS 2019. With more than 20 artists showing their work: from figurative to abstract, from small work to wall-filling and from photography to Lego, it’s all to be discovered until December 31, 2019.

Works of the artists:

Alberto Romero, Ana Garcia, Anet Duncan, Alfonso Luque, Carmen Chofre, Rafael Caballero, Fiona Weedon, Marc Prat, Mario Pasqualotto, Willibrord note, Greet weitenberg, Marta & Slava, Christine Straszewski, EL EGO, Carlos Puyol, Oriol Texidor, Ronald van den Boog Gaard, Eline Meyer, Jenny Owens, Santiago Veléz, Gabriele Fettolini, Josep María Codina.

Location: Kapoenstraat 29, Maastricht

Join us for a celebration with some of the artists on the 13th of December from 17.00 – 20.00 hrs at the gallery.