G8 / 750 Stars, is the first solo exhibition by Mario Pasqualotto in the Netherlands. The project G8 / 750, which Pasqualotto presented in 2015, will be shown almost entirely at PontArte. It is the first time that the work will be shown in a gallery; after being exhibited at the L’Harmonia Museum in Hospitalet, in the Museu de Papell de Cappallades and as part of the LUMA exhibition at the Vrijthof Museum in 2016-2017.
The exhibition can be seen from 16 March to 17 April 2019 at PontArte in Kapoenstraat 29 in Maastricht.
The opening will take place on Saturday 16 March at 4 pm in the gallery. Mario Pasqualotto will be present at the opening and will explain his work on request.

G8 / 750 Stars, the vault of heaven
Three ingredients, distilled from the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Mario Pasqualotto used for the project G8 / 750 stars. The ultramarine color blue, the almond shape and the symbol of the star. Pasqualotto has translated the work of Giotto, which completely painted the chapel in 1300, into the 21st century. Works made of paper in Ultramarine and gold leaf and often with Led or Neon lighting full of symbolism.
That Pasqualotto uses symbols and colors and de-composing works from the past is not new. His work can be recognized by symbolism, idols, concepts and meanings. He has previously unraveled Monet and investigates mortality on the basis of materials and textures.
For this project the immediate cause was the death of his father from Italy. In early 2014, Pasqualotto visited the Scrovgni chapel in Padua and translated the impression that this has made on him into a series of works that are very poetic.
The shape of the chapel, the symbolism of Christianity, the 750 stars in the roof of the chapel, the color blue and gold, everything can be traced back to the work of Giotto.