Two artists, Willibrord Nota (NL) and Oriol Texidor (SP) can be seen at PontArte from 21 February until 13 March. Where Oriol Texidor has been working on the Immersió series since 2014, in which the human figure is central, Nota shows series of chapels and bowls, in which humans are absent.

The exhibition can be seen from 21 February to 13 March 2019 at PontArte in Kapoenstraat 29 in Maastricht.

The opening will take place on Saturday 23 February at 16.00 in the gallery. Both artists are present at the opening.


The work of Willibrord Nota and Oriol Texidor have in common that they invite for contemplation. Both artists place a central image in a series of works, inviting the viewer to reflect. By working in series and the experiment, the repetition and recognition the viewer is asked to think.
Both Nota and Texidor are constantly experimenting in their work. They are not afraid to use different techniques and materials, from sand to gold, everything is used to reinforce the image.