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ELEMENTS: Jenny Owens | Nathalie Brans | Santiago Vélez

Naphta Tribes | Fab Rideti


ASHES | Gagnieu and Prat

Witness | Sjaak Korsten, an interview by Diandra

Witness | Sjaak Korsten

TRACES | Jenny Owens 22/6-18/7

Horizon: Jenny Owens & Santiago Vélez

Greet Weitenberg: Viewscape

PontArte at the Affordable Art Fair Brussels

This year once again we take part in the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels, booth E-7 and we would like to invite you for the preview on Thursday February 16th.
With below link and code you can download a ticket.

LINK: http://bit.ly/2gE4EVl

The code for the PRIVATE VIEW on Thursday February 16th, 18-22u is: PVPON

the code for the LATE VIEW on Friday February 17th, 18-22u is: LVPON

Attention: The invitation is for 2 people and is only valid by bringing a printed copy to the Fair.

The invitation is valid for any day of the fair
If you prefer an invitation by mail, please provide me with your contact details.


Tag Archive for: Photography