An exhibition in which the Irish artist Jenny Owens (Ireland, 1983) finds what is left behind in the city.

Traces of a layered past that tells stories about the residents and the city. It is the first solo exhibition by Jenny Owens; but certainly not the first time her work has been shown. She was selected for the JCE Biennial for Spain in 2015-2017 and has exhibited several times at gallery TRAMA in Barcelona, ​​in Fundacio Aranz Bravo with 2 other artists and has shown them together with Santiago Veléz in the Horizon project in Maastricht, Barcelona and Medellín .

The TRACES exhibition will be opened on June 22 at 4 p.m. in the presence of the artist and can be seen until July 18 at PontArte in Maastricht.

Opening hours during the exhibition: Thursday through 11 AM – 5 PM and by appointment.

Kapoenstraat 29 in Maastricht.

About the exhibition:

¨Traces¨, show us what is left behind in the city, which remains can be found and which we encounter every day. Owens asks questions about these remains.

Why are they there?

why did they arise?

who made them? 

“For me, the physical traces that we find in a place remember the place and the different phases that the space has had. Physical traces are also visualizations of what memories might be like, those fragmented images that are created in our brains when we use our memory. My traces are memories in the physical world. They are physical manifestations of memories. I am interested in the spaces where two existences overlap or meet, for example two different layers of paint on a wall, or when nature carries different traces in it like feathers floating in a pond. I capture these coexistences through photography and drawing. These traces contain stories. They are often the result of an action or a gesture. They reflect the passing of time and can give us information about what happened before in this place or invite us to imagine what happened there. ”

Said Owens in a statement of her work.

The work is an ongoing project that forms the basis for her thesis at the University of Barcelona. By means of focus, applying layers and photographing photos, Owens searches for a connection with the city, but certainly also with the viewer. They are images that can be everywhere and where the viewer makes his own story.

Jenny Owens, Dublin 1983. Is a very versatile artist who combines performance with installations, drawings and photography.

Owens is doing her PhD at the University of Barcelona. She was selected from 2015 to 2017 to represent Spain at the JCE Biennial and has won several scholarships and prizes with her work.

A catalog appears with the exhibition: Traces.