Vrouwentongen |

Dreieck, Triangle, Driehoek
22-2 | 14-3 2021

18 artists from the Euregio Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have dealt with the theme Women’s Tongues.

Christel Wermuth, Hanne Werhan, Marlou Vossen, Mirjana Stein-Arsic, Monika Petschnigg, Guusje van Noorden, Mia Meijers, Doris Kühne, Gertrude Kraft, Gisela Klaßen, Annemiek Jongen, Dorine Hulshof, Uta Göbel-Groß, Gabriele Corsten, Beatrix von Bock, Anne Benezeder, Ulla Amberg, Layali Alawad.

The result can be seen in Galerie PontArte, Kapoenstraat 29, (open: Thu. to Sat. from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm and by appointment) and Galerie “Schuwirth  & van Noorden”,  Rechtstraat  64, (open: Saturday from 14.00 to 17.00 and by appointment).

If the Corona measures do not allow (check the current rules) to open the galleries, then the works can in any case be viewed through  the window windows.  In that case, we invite you to “windowshopping”: take a walk through the beautiful, quiet city center over the old Maasbrug and see through the windows of the two galleries what women’s tones have to say.

On International Women’s Day there is an online tour of both exhibitions at 10.30 and 16.30 h. You will see the works and hear explanations from the artists.


See the websites for more up-to-date information and images :



Some words by the Collective:

As a Euregional collective  of female artists, International Women’s Day is close to our hearts. When it was founded 25 years ago, the position of female artists in the world of art was quite invisible. Most of the exhibitions in galleries and museums were dedicated to male artists.

Fortunately, that has now changed.

Our themes do not always have a feminine character, but they often have a feminine character. The fact that what concerns us, which we want to say, shows, raises often stems from the fact that we are women. From what our role and position in today’s society is.

We care about women, not just here but all over the world. With women who stay strong and turn out in all kinds of circumstances. But also with women who are vulnerable, not heard, abused, trafficked and abused. We are fascinated by the role women have played in the thousands of years of our civilisation. And we are impressed by the (spring) power of women

These aspects can often be found in the work of the  artists  of  Dreieck. We challenge each other to renew and look annually for new opportunities to show our work.


For this year, as part of 8 March, International Women’s Day, we have sought cooperation with two galleries in Maastricht, PontArte and Schuwirth  & van Noorden. 

The theme we have chosen is:




Women’s tones can be sharp: they say what they want to say, do not mince words, show what is going on in the head and heart of the speaker, do not stop talking easily, and often share feelings and emotions with each other!


On the other hand, the erotic side of the women’s tongue: soft and damp, seductive and exciting, exciting and full of promise.

The plant Sanseveria, also called Women’s Tones, is a symbol for women: it is indestructible, grows against oppression, has an air purifying effect and cannot be broken. We’ll recognize ourselves in that.