Hate Speech Workshops by Stef Lemmens

As part if the exhibition THE BURNOUT SOCIETY Stef Lemmens will host 2 workshops in the basement of the gallery.

Tickets are available via THE ARTIST AND THE OTHERS

Within this workshop participants will dive head first into the online stream of hate speech. By using the technique of blackout poetry on these digital messages, participants are suddenly able to transform their initial frustration into an act of resistance. They don’t participate with, nor do they ignore the hate they see. They simply use the writers words against themselves, elevating them to something beautiful. Next we post this new text under the original comment, resulting ina digital check-mate. The original emotions are still present in these manipulated texts, but they become more suggestive and less short sighted, making it possible to carry more meaning. With this workshop I want to show that hate should not be fougth with more hate, nor should it be ignored. Instead we can use it as a strength.” (Stef Lemmens)


APRIL 11 @ 19:00
APRIL 19 @ 16:00

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