About Me – About You

24/2 – 13/3 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, the euregional artists’ group dreieck.triangle.driehoek presents a group show at 3 different locations on the theme with the title “about me – about you“.

At our location, PontArte, we have also asked our women’artists to participate and work with this theme.

This title can be interpreted broadly.  It is about women reflecting on their situations and experiences, about problems, successes, crises, but also about equal opportunities, independence, being able to make their own choices, autonomy, etc.

But it is also about the woman/me and the man/you, about relationships, togetherness, about with or against each other, power and injustice and the question of whether gender differences can be bridged in the future. This brings the Dutch theme for this International Women’s Day into the picture: emancipation is something you do together.

The artists of dreieck.triangle.driehoek and all other participating artists also have to deal with this theme in their lives and highlight it from different perspectives in their art, in paintings and sculptures, in collages, 3D objects, textiles or graphic work. And they show what they are thinking about: me of you and everything in between.

Participating artists:


Layali Alawad, Ulla Amberg, Anne Benezeder, Teresa Canovas, Gabriele M. Corsten, UTA Göbel-Groß, Dorine Hulshof, GiK Gisela Klaßen, Gertrude Kraft, Doris Kühne, Mia Meijers, Guusje van Noorden, Sylvie van Oosterhout, Monika Petschnigg, Tanja Rauschtenberger, Susanna Soro-Weigand, Mirjana Stein-Arsic, Marlou Vossen, Hanne Werhan, Christel Wermuth, Anita Werner


Anet Duncan, Maria Fernanda Cálderon, Dorine van der Ploeg, Séverine Gagnieu,  Jenny Owens, Teresa Pera, Alke Schmidt, Christine Straszewski, Marta Volkova, Natascha Waeyen, Fiona Weedon, Greet Weitenberg

On Tuesday the 8th of March, International Women’s Day  the gallery will be open from 11 – 17 hrs. Join us to see the works and hear from the artists the story behind the work.

Links to the websites:


Schuwirth & van Noorden

Dreieck | Förderverein kulturschaffender Frauen in der Euregio Maas-Rhein e.V. – Aachen (dreieck-ev.de)