Our first art fair in 2022 as Rubrecht Severens Fine Arts was Art Karlsruhe.

Together with Leander Rubrecht from Rubrecht Contemporary Wiesbaden we had our debut at Art Karlsruhe as Rubrecht Severens Fine Arts.

A wonderful stand in Hall 2 of 100 sqm filled with a well balanced mix of artists represented by PontArte and Rubrecht Contemporary was our “home” from the 4th of July until the 10th of July.

Each artist got his/her own space in the well designed stand layout, which made that you could walk trough the stand and discover a new artist around every corner.

An overview from the local artist Stefan Faas, with his sculptures of Mirrored steel, that where shown at 2 galleries at Art Karlsruhe to the museum art by Marta & Slava, which presented the series Will Beauty Save the World and a number of wooden sculptures.

From emerging artists such as Dorine van der Ploeg with her colorful collages and Lena Krashevka with the ilusion series to well established artists like Manfred Maria Rubrecht.

From the monumental Absis series by Marc Prat to the objects from space by Christina Straszweski

And the abstract music works by Nina Stolting in combination with the subtle sculptures by Gábor Török.  All was presented to the many visitors of Art Karlsruhe.

Visit our booth by scrolling through below images