On Friday 29th of November at 17.00 hrs, the artist María Fernanda Calderón  shared the process and results of her 2 weeks residency at PontArte Gallery.

The work and experiences have been presented above the gallery door and at the old, uncanny basement of the gallery.

Starting with a photograph of the gallery building from the early 1900’s, found at the archive, of the Kapoen (a capon) she has decided to bring back the ghost of the Kapoen to its origin. Working at the Grafisch Atelier Maastricht, she has created a narrative in which the Kapoen emerges from the basement and leaves again. 

For the December period The Kapoen will be returning on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays around 16.00 hrs.

To keep the memory of the Kapoen alive and to capture the history of the building 2 screen-prints have been made and are in very limited edition available at the gallery.

The ghost of Kapoen

María Fernanda, who now lives in Colombia, is interested in working site-specifically. During the residency she has been responding to her experience in Maastricht. Her work is a combination of research and serendipity, where her prolonged observations of specific sites excavate the hidden dimensions within the ordinary.

There are objects which habit has made invisible.

There are cameras that produce images that nobody sees.

There are places that don’t exist in nobody’s mind.

Chance unveils overlooked histories.

María Fernanda Calderón is a Colombian artist. She graduated in 2015 with a distinction from her Masters degree in Fine Arts at University of the Arts London, London. She has a BA in Graphic Design and also studied courses in illustration and photography in Buenos Aires and stop motion animation in New York.

Find more information on:https://mariafernandaco.wixsite.com/mariafernanda