Our artist Marc Prat worked in June 2018 at the Grafisch Atelier in Maastricht. Benefiting the opening of the exhibition of Interiors, together with Anna Chulkova at the gallery, Marc Prat worked for a week at the Grafisch Atelier in Maastricht to create a series of Toros. With the help of Jos Keulen, masterprinter of the Grafisch Atelier Maastricht, Marc worked on 4 Toros. Toro I and Toro II are of a format 50 x 70 cm and Toro III and IV are mostly 35 x 35 cm.

The editions are limited and most of the time was spent on creating unique screenprints, with only 1 edition, enyoing the experiment and surpizes that came out.

Enjoy the photos of the residence.

For more information about the screenprints from Marc Prat: