Willibrord Nota

Mostly working on paper with a wide range of materials and techniques, Nota creates subtle, layered work balancing between abstract and recognizable objects and shapes.

For him the experiment counts, and together with technique and color forms the important element of his work. As a professional artist, Nota is active since 2010, when he decided to fully focus on the arts, after being an designer and teacher at high school. He started his career with founding and owning a design company, mainly working on the design of fabrics and textiles.

Nota is influenced by the early Renaissance painters and the 17th Century Dutch artists, together with Ethnic art and Pop Art. All elements we see back in his work, but his inspiration is found in his close surroundings and nature.  He once held an exhibition in and about his patio. Now the chapel in front of his house is found on many works.

The work of Nota consists of series. Series of chapels, series of Vases, series of flowers and series of works with cut tubes of paint. They form a dialogue with each other and seeing them in Serie makes it even more interesting than the works on its own.

His series Herbarium was presented in the gallery from the 22nd of august – 20 of September 2020.

He participated in 2019 at Plateau Kunst in Margraten.

In 2021 his work was presented as part of the Art Carousel in the Front Room.


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