ART CAROUSEL | Melancholia by Marta & Slava

14/10 – 30/10 2021, Kapoenstraat 29, Maastricht

Melancholia can be seen from 14 October to 30 October at PontArte in Maastricht. The artists have collected 12 works that together form the exhibition Melancholia. Workson paper, on canvas and an object all invite you to look and explore.

In their museum projects they work together. In this small exhibition, the work of Marta and Slava can be seen separately. The large canvas where a person sits nonchalantly on a chair is made by Marta, the 4 un-framed watercolors are by Slava.

At the exhibition, which for the time being is the last in a series of temporary exhibitions under the name of Art Carousel, 2 artist talks will take place. On Saturday 16 October at 11.30 am and on Friday 29 October at 4.00 pm, the artists will explain their work. You can register for this via the link on our website or facebook page. Since this is an event, the corona rules apply and you need a vaccination or test certificate. This is not necessary if you just want to visit the exhibition in the gallery.

Tickets for the artist talks on the 16th and 29th of October can be obtained here: