Bright Spots | Ana García - Dorine van der Ploeg

21 Jan – 28 feb 2023

Bright Spots is the title of the duo show by Dorine van der Ploeg and Ana García at PontArte in Maastricht. A dialogue between the works of 2 women artists working from observation.

Opening reception: Saturday 21st of January, 17:00 – 19:00 hrs. in presence of the artists

Opening speech: 18.00 hrs.

Bright Spots tells about the light in the works of Spanish artist Ana García (1979) and Dutch artist Dorine van der Ploeg (1983). Both artists will show their individual works and series, while together they invite you into their world, which is characterized by the attentive observation of the places that surround them. For García it is the park and playground close to her house and atelier in Mataró, a small town 45 minutes up the coast near Barcelona, and for Van der Ploeg (1983) it is the trees that she views from her studio in Cadier and Keer, just outside Maastricht.

Van der Ploeg’s medium is collage on paper. She started making three-dimensional works in 2022, which will be incorporated in the exhibition as well. Ana García works with oil on panel. Bright Spots in Dorine van der Ploeg’s works refer to the bright strokes of paper that show us the light behind or reflecting on the trees. Bright Spots in the works by Ana Garcia are mainly the reflections of the lights in the park on the playing ground.

About the artists:

Ana García: (Igualada,1979)

Trained at the Arts department of the University of Barcelona and a scholar of Antonio Lopèz, Ana García is a realist painter in the most traditional way. She works in the tradition of the Spanish realist “school” that was established in the 20th century by Antonio Lopèz.

Her fascination lies in transferring an existing image she finds in her surroundings to the panel, using oil paint as her medium.

Ana currently teaches at the University of Barcelona and has an extended list of exhibitions in galleries and museums in Spain. In the Netherlands she is represented by PontArte and has had several shows at the gallery.

Dorine van der Ploeg (Heerlen, NL, 1983)

Dorine van der Ploeg was trained in the realist style at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam, but has taken on a more abstract approach through which she can play freely with her subjects, aesthetics, and techniques.

Dorine’s work results from a constant observation of her immediate surroundings. With a pair of scissors and a bag of painted sheets of paper, she enters a landscape and allows herself to observe the light, the colours, the nature, and its depth. She trained her eye to look at her environment and see how forms and colours come together in abstract representations, which she then expresses through her collages.

In the recent time, her inspiration in terms of subject matter has been found in the trees close to her house. In her collages, the trees constantly re-appear in different spectacles that are playful in terms of how forms and colours present themselves visually.

Dorine is a Dutch artist, and she lives in Maastricht, NL. She is represented by PontArte Gallery (Maastricht) and Mokum Gallery (Amsterdam). In 2022 she has had exhibitions in Genua (Italy), Maastricht and in Wiesbaden (Germany) and her work was presented at Art Karlsruhe by Rubrecht Severens Fine Arts.