Broken Reality is the second solo show from Carlos Puyol at PontArte in Maastricht.

Carlos Puyol (Argentina, 1966) lives and works since the beginning of this century in Barcelona where he paints in his studio in Poble Nou. In his work he investigates 2 subjective concepts: Time and Space.

He sees our society and the times we live in as a fragmented reality. For him time is not a linear experience. He mixes all fragments, there are several cultural layers, an analogue and digital world, human and material, everything co-exists.
This all has an influence on the works of Puyol. He paints the fragmented reality. Different expressive forms are existing on one canvas. Graphic elements are positioned next to expressive parts, all in a composition based on cuts.

In the recent years this way of working has resulted in the use of a number of older works in his new compositions, where he cuts the older work and sews them into new compositions. So his cuts become real physical cuts that connects different realities.
The feeling one gets when looking at the work of Puyol can be captured in one word: Movement. His compositions are full of movement, everything is moving, so resulting in Puyol painting our current times.

Carlos Puyol has a Bachelors from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and holds a Masters title in Arts from the University of Barcelona (2005). He is being represented by Susan Eley Fine Art in New York and by PontArte in Maastricht.

The exhibition runs from January 4th until February 5th 2020.

Opening reception: Saturday January 4th, 16:00 hrs in presence of the artist

Gallery opening hours: Thursday-Friday-Saturday 11:00 – 17:00 hrs and by appointment.
Kapoenstraat 29, Maastricht

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Here you find a short video that was made during the opening. Carlos explaining