POOL SERIES | Dorine van der Ploeg

From Thursday 1 October to Sunday 25 October 2020, PontArte, Maastricht.

Pool series” is the title of Dorine van der Ploeg’s first solo exhibition at PontArte in Maastricht.

In recent months, van der Ploeg has displayed the “abandoned” swimming pool in her temporary backyard. In a beautiful series of collages we recognize the Pool in different appearances, with water that turns from blue to toxic green.

The works have a “Hockney” like presence, but because of her technique of painting sheets of paper and cardboard which she then uses as a “palette”, van der Ploeg finds a very own way of reflecting reality.

With her training at the Wackers  academy, an academy to teach artists to work in a Realist style, we see that the mastery of technology gives van der Ploeg a freedom to play with her subjects. The swimming pool goes from recognizable to almost abstract lines and forms.

The exhibition “Pool Series” by Dorine van der Ploeg will open on 1 October with a private Pre-view  in the presence of the artist.

We have a number of events planned around the exhibition where you can hear from Van  der Ploeg how the works came about and what moves her to work in this way, so you can discover what you may not see without explanation.

The explanatory statement is given in groups of up to 8 people. For example, you can visit the gallery completely”corona-proof”

Below is a list of the artist “tours” through the exhibition. You must register to attend a tour by email or by telephone: Marieke@pontarte.com,  0637403499 or via  Eventbrite (see schedule below)