ENTRACTE | Gabriele Fettolini
Due to the Corona virus we postpone this exhibition to later this year

You will be able to view the work in Artsy.

ENTR’ACTE is the new exhibition of the Swiss artist Gabriele Fettolini at PontArte in Maastricht.

An abstract play of light and dark, color and blur, form and composition, that is what characterizes Fettolini’s work. The artist, who has been dividing his time between Barcelona and Switzerland since the 1980s, has made a number of compositions for this exhibition with the title Entre’acte. Works on paper and canvas in various sizes create the ‘in between’ space that Fettolini wants us to experience.

Literally, Entre’acte in French means an entertainment between 2 parts in a play or opera. It is often dance or music. Fettolini has taken this as a starting point for his paintings; The works are an expression of “the imagination and the result, the beginning and the end of a work” according to Fettolini. Metaphorically, an Entre’acte is a space between 2 parts in which many things can happen. That makes it exciting for the artist and the spectator.

The paper works (on wooden panels) that can be seen represent the fragile and volatile space, they leave a trace before disappearing again. In many of Fettolini’s works, this fact is reflected, as is the variation and composition, which can be adapted time and time again.

For more information: marieke@pontarte.com or call +31 (0) 637403499

or http://gabrielefettolini.com/