Això no és Art! Was the title of the family art event organized together with Can Manyé in Alella on the 27th of April. From 11.00 till 14.00 hrs. Many people joined to see the works from PontArte artists, attend the children’s workshop or the discussion on what is art.

New works, never shown before where there by Josep Maria Codina, Marc Prat and Alberto Romero. Further works by Ana García, Jennifer Owens, Anet Duncan, Fiona Weedon and Gabriele Fettolini could be seen.

There was a children´s workshop, led by the artists from Blancdeguix who constructed within 1,5 hour a structure that was an artwork and museum in itself. Further many drawings, paintings and other creative expressions where produced at the ¨patio¨ of Can Manyé.

Inside Can Manyé Jordi Ribas, an art historian lead the discussion on what is art and what isn´t art. A discussion that is always present and will never end, but while discussing helps shaping thoughts for all involved in the discussion.

Below you see photos of the event that for sure will have a follow up