PAINTED REALITY | A selection of 5 artists by ALBERTO ROMERO

Alfonso Luque
Ana Garcia
Alberto Romero
Carme Chofre
Rafael Caballero

Painted Reality is a group exhibition of 5 Spanish artists selected by Alberto Romero, one of our artists.

What binds these artists is their realistic style, each in their own way.

The artists know each other from the “masterclasses” that the famous Spanish painter Antonio Lopéz hosts each summer given by the in Spain to counterbalance education at the academies. The philosophy of ‘just’ painting what you see, without decoration and without interpretation, is seen in the work of these 5 contemporary artists.

Landscapes, still lifes, buildings and portraits, everything can be observed and is translated on canvas or on paper. Yet the work of the five artists is more than “repainting” reality. They decide to exclude certain elements, a play of lines emerges, a specific focus is applied.

In our present time, where spectacle and instant impact seem to be the norm, the work of these 5 Spanish artists is a true relief. They bring you back to watching and to a reality that we sometimes no longer see.

The exhibition will be opened on 24 August at 16.00 hours in the presence of the artists at Pont Arte, Maastricht and will be on display until 18 September.

Opening times during the exhibition: Thu to Saturday 11.00 – 17.00 hours and by appointment. Kapoen Street 29 in Maastricht.