Tastbaar| Tangible

Alke Schmidt and Greet Weitenberg

13-05 |  17-06-2023, PontArte, Maastricht, NL

Tastbaar | Tangible is the title of the duo exhibition of Alke Schmidt and Greet Weitenberg that opens at PontArte, Maastricht on Saturday13 May 2023.

After 3 years of Covid-19, the damage and inpact of the pandemic is slowly becoming visible. Alke Schmidt and Greet Weitenverg tell their individual story of past years within their work. Where one, Greet Weitenberg, has created an imaginary world, her Happy World, the other, Alke Schmidt, has experienced the consequences first hand and has gone from documenting the pandemic to documenting her ongoing struggle with the consequences of Long Covid.

What both artists have in common is the medium they use: textile; in all forms and adaptations. Schmidt has used embroidery on old pillowcases and table mats made by her mother to tell her story. Weitenberg creates her own, very tangible textile works.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 13 May at 17:00, in the presence of Greet Weitenberg. Prior to this, there will be a live connection with Alke Schmidt via Zoom, in which Schmidt explains the works.

The exhibition can be visited from 13 May to 17 June. Opening hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

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