THERE HERE is an overview of key works that Sjaak Korsten has made over the past 30 years. These works have given imputs to larger series and new paths. It is very special that these works have been preserved, combined in a catalogue and exhibited at PontArte.

In honor of this book, Sjaak Korsten has made a collector’s box in an edition of 7. A work of art and book are available in a beautifully designed box.

The presentation opens on Friday, September 8 at 11 hrs.

At 12 noon there will be a private lunch in the gallery in the presence of the artist. More information and registration

On Saturday afternoon there will be an evening opening from 17 – 19 hrs.

The exhibition can be visited from 8 September to 10 September

Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 17 hrs. and by appointment.

About the artist:

As a visual artist, Sjaak Korsten makes paintings, works on paper, objects, sculptures, photographs and installations. His works are poetic, light, intimate and personal. Everyday objects and situations are isolated and placed in a different context, giving them a deeper poetic value. They represent the desire for beauty and truth. The art movement with which Sjaak Korsten feels most connected is the Arte Povera that originated in Italy in the late sixties. Known in the Netherlands under the name Fluxus and also under ZERO. Like the artists in this movement, he incorporates shabby materials in his artworks such as branches, rags, shoe soles, etc. but also as a contrast, for example gold leaf, which distances him from the hierarchical approach to materials. Contradictions fascinate him and so does the tension it causes when you bring them together in a work of art. Nature is also a source of inspiration.

His work is represented and presented by galleries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and the United States and at art fairs such as TEFAF Maastricht, PAN Amsterdam, Art Amsterdam, ART FAIR Cologne etc. In addition, he has had exhibitions in several museums such as Museum Bommel van Dam in Venlo, CODA museum in Apeldoorn and the ODA park in Venray.