Due to the uncertainty when we can be open again we have decided to prolong the exhibition of Marta & Slava until April the 18th 2020. We will keep you informed on our website about further changes. Thank you for your understanding and keep save.

This is Titian, Baby is the first exhibition by the artist duo Marta Volkova and Slava Shevelenko at PontArte in Maastricht.

Big names from the art world come to life and meet each other, this happens in This is Titian, Baby. The Russian duo Marta & Slava present 12 watercolors and 3 ceramic objects in their first exhibition at PontArte. Anyone who has seen the work of this duo knows that the line between truth and fantasy is blurred. This exhibition offers a nice counterbalance to the “ban of the TEFAF” to which Maastricht is exposed in the first 2 weeks of March.

In the same period there are another two exhibitions of this duo on display in Maastricht. The exhibition “Metamorphosis of remembrance”, in the Gouvernement building with drawings, ceramics and paintings by Marta & Slava and in addition they present a new project in the Bonnefanten museum.

A catalogue will be published at the exhibition, with a text by curator Huib Haye van der Werf, that follows the style of the duo perfectly.

Opening: 7 March 16.00, Kapoenstraat 29, Maastricht. In the presence of the artists.

The catalogue will be presented at the opening on 7 March.

Opening times during the exhibition: Thursday until Saturday 11am – 5pm and by appointment. Kapoenstraat 29 in Maastricht.

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About the exhibition This is Titian Baby

It requires knowledge of the art world, art history and it requires an inquisitive look, these 12 watercolors and 3 ceramic objects to be seen at PontArte. As always, the viewer is challenged and put off track.

Catalogues and art books come to life, in which the artists and/or works of art enter into relationships with each other and in which the artists raise questions through their texts. Is this a dreamed world? Is this a razor-sharp representation of the art world?

Marta Volkova and Slava Shevelenko

Originally Russian artists Marta Volkova and Slava Shevelenko have been in the Netherlands since the early 1990s and since 1999 in Maastricht. Their work has been mainly made up of large projects and installations shown in museum environments in recent years. The Altaï Files and the Transylvania Archive are 2 recent projects, on display at the Bonnefantenmuseum, In the new Institute and at the Museum Gyslain in Ghent, Belgium. They investigate, experiment and create their own reality. A fact or one event can lead to a new world in which questions are called up that are very topical. Their work is interweaving of political and social statements, of irony and humor. They adapt them effortlessly to the project they work on and use the most diverse media. From drawings and watercolors to ceramics and video, everything is used to tell the story.