On November 2019, the artist María Fernanda Calderón developed work in a two weeks residency at PontArte Gallery, Maastricht. Using the Grafisch Atelier as a studio, she responded site-specifically to Maastricht and to the building where the Gallery is located.

Archive photograph early 1900; Kapoenstraat 29, MaastrichtThe work and experiences were presented above the gallery door and at the old, uncanny basement of the gallery on November 29th 2019.

The Kapoen, a castrated rooster, returns after being missing for over 100 years, finding its way from the basement to the window above the door of the building. Calderón was interested in the old buildings in Maastricht and the many indications the houses (still) have today. From the building that houses the gallery, there is not a lot of information in the archives.

A photograph of the entrance of the builing from the beginning of the 20th century and some information that this Kapoen disappeared is what could be found. This was the start of the “Geesten” series and formed the basis for the intervention and projection of the Kapoen on the 29th of November 2019.

Another work, in line with the artist way of working in the observation of the city. Without us knowing, Calderón observes parts of the world from a distance. Without being present in Maastricht, she started her observation, which resulted in a video showing us the unknown surrounding us, every day