REFLECTIONS an exhibition by Stefan Faas and Lena Krashevka at PontArte

Reflections The connection between Lena Krashevka (1988, Bellarus) and Stefan Faas (1963, Germany) is reflection. Despite the abstract nature inherent in the phenomenon of reflection, we are more than familiar with this term in everyday language. In both the optical and cognitive contexts, reflection is usually understood as an instance between an actual state and a viewer, as an instrument of reproduction and reflection.
The curated interplay of the works of Krashevka and Faas highlights this aspect on both an intra- and interpersonal level. There is no doubt that people look at themselves and their environment in a reflection. And while an interaction with the current status quo seems inherent in any reflection, it leads to the crucial question: When do we see ourselves, even when faced with another person?

Reflections can be seen from the 3 of September until the 15th of October 2022

Opening reception in presence of the artists: Saturday 3 September 17.00 – 19.00 hrs.

Exhibition in collaboration with Rubrecht Contemporary Wiesbaden