Lena Krashevka

Reflections – Interview with Lena Krashevka

By Diandra

Starting on the 3rd of September, PontArte welcomes German-based artists Lena Krashevka & Stefan Faas in a joint exhibition, that will last until the 15th of October. To share more about the artists and their works with you, Diandra has conducted interviews with Krashevka and Faas, which are both available on the respective artist’s page.

Question: What is your earliest memory of an art exhibition?

Krashevka, who is originally from Belarus, did not have as many opportunities to exhibit there, as she has now, because the art scene is yet to still be developed to reach the same quality level as its Western European counterpart. During her student life, her exhibitions were held in various cafés, a time about which she has very warm memories. Later, she was invited to represent her work in local galleries. In 2015 she moved to Germany, where she continued her path in art.

Question: How do you feel about having your own shows now?

Krashevka finds it very special to exhibit and she is excited that the pandemic is over, and she can have physical shows again. What is special to her is the fact that she can see people’s reactions and get their feedback, which she describes as “always thrilling but very important at the same time.”

Question: What is your background as an artist? How do you work mediums & techniques?

Krashevka has a degree as graphic designer, but she has been working as an artist for a long time. She loves working with materials, painting with oils, with brushes and her fingers. “I find it important to feel the paint. This is a special state while merging with the process, the rest of the world does not seem to exist.”

Question: Where do you find your inspiration?

Krashevka “always saw ordinary things in a different way, was attracted by art, and excited by the beauty of this world and the symbolism of what was happening”. She believes that “everything can inspire you, the main thing is to notice these moments” – thus inspiration can lay in music, people, travelling, traditions, nature… love. “I can read a book or listen to a song, and suddenly my subconscious clings to some phrase that becomes the basis of an idea, and then acquires meanings and images.”

Question: Could you talk about the works that will be on display at PontArte?

From Krashevka’s oeuvre, PontArte will show two series: Isolation and Illusions.

Isolation was created at the beginning of the lockdown. The first works in this series symbolizes the feelings of distance, isolation, tension, and anxiety that we all felt in those difficult times. The latter works became calmer and softer, “the cling film here now is rather for aesthetic view, and it plays well with space.” Krashevka plans to continue this series in softer and more aesthetically oriented way.

Illusions “is very psychological and philosophical. Quite often we experience contradictory emotions: pain and joy, suffering and love, sometimes all at once. We have certain expectations in this regard in our consciousness.  But most of the time things are different in life, we are forced to face unexpected obstacles such as loss, betrayal, a pandemic, or a crisis.” These events in life happen so suddenly and unexpectedly, just like the paint spots that Krashevka adds on her portraits.

Question: Is this the first time your works are exhibited in Maastricht/The Netherlands? How do you feel about that?

This autumn, Krashevka has her first 2 exhibitions in the Netherlands, in Maastricht and Amsterdam and she is looking forward to participating in both exhibitions. “For me it is so absorbing to get a new experience, to see people’s reaction.”

Question: What does the title of the exhibition Reflections mean to you?

Krashevka always reflects during the day. “A wide variety of experiences are hidden in our inner world. It is not uncommon that they remain in our heads like ‘cinema images’. I wish so much to see these ‘pictures’ with other like-minded people, to experience the similar feelings and to feel complete unity.”

Question: Do you have any expectations for this exhibition?

Krashevka hopes that the audience does not remain indifferent. “I will be so delighted to meet like-minded people so that my art resonates through them.”

Reflections will be on display at PontArte in the period 03.09. – 15.10.2022. The opening reception in the presence of the artists will take place at 17:00 on 03.09.


artwork: Materico
Prat Bloeck Severens Rubrecht
Object 2 by Martin Bloeck with Painting Marc Prat in Wiesbaden